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Theme download super slow


  • Stefan started the conversation

    Hi Jarek,

    I wanted to see what the latest published theme version is, and while speedtest.net shows >240MBit for my Internet connection, the download has stopped at 13 MB after about 6 hours (not kidding) from Mojo-Themes.com.

    Is there any other place where we can get updates? Their site seems to just not work reliably anymore. Every time I go there, there is another problem.

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    Jarek replied


    The latest version of Lato is 2.5.2 (2.6 version very soon).

    Have you tried to send a ticket to support at Mojo-themes about slow download?

    I can share a link to download the latest version of Lato to you and to users registered on this ticket site. I don\'t have any info from Mojo themes about my clients so I can\'t share link as public.


  • Stefan replied

    Hi Jarek - An update here would be the easiest.

    Would very much appreciate.


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    Jarek replied

    Definitely. I\'ll let you know. Cheers